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March 21, 2021 6:25 pm  #11

Re: First Aid Kit: How to survive finding out your partner is LGBT


This is a link to Dr Omar Minwalla.  It is a good article to read.

Here's a quote from him

"My own learning as a mental health professional has come about, in large part, through a process of sitting in rooms with victims of deceptive sexuality – with intimate partners and spouses who have been abused and traumatized in a very specific way – as an empathic witness, listening to and hearing their traumatic realities, with an open mind and heart. This paper was written as a synthesis of their voices – of the human beings living through and harmed by these experiences. This paper is very much for them – the people suffering – and was written with them in mind, and in my heart. With this type of abuse and trauma still lying in our collective darkness, it’s my hope, particularly for victims but very much also for abusers, that this paper may serve as a lighthouse that gives people hope and support as they attempt to survive."

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March 28, 2021 2:08 pm  #12

Re: First Aid Kit: How to survive finding out your partner is LGBT

Upside has recently posted two excellent articles. 

The first is a checklist. I'm not a fan of checklists as not all LGBT spouses/partners are created equal. However there are some common threads. This post has nailed many of them:


The second is a guide to snooping. Snooping is not generally recommended, and in some jurisdictions some aspects of this post may be illegal. However, in some cases the spouse/partner will not admit to their reality. If you choose to snoop, be prepared for what you might find out:




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