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May 3, 2023 10:03 pm  #1

The hits just keep on coming...

Not only is he trans and starting hormones, he has now revealed he is bisexual (he previously claimed pansexual, but was completely heterosexual most of our marriage.)
AND he says he has started fantasizing about gay male sex and watches a lot of gay and trans porn.
I feel completely duped and inadequate.  I feel I must not be good enough. 
I can't take this excruciating pain for much longer, but see no way out.  Can't afford to live on my own.  Stuck in a love filled but completely disheartening relationship.  I want to vomit I am so sad


May 3, 2023 11:08 pm  #2

Re: The hits just keep on coming...

Welcome! I’m so sorry you are also in this situation. I was in the same. You can read my story in the thread.

The shock and betrayal and hurt are devastating beyond words. It’s hard to see now but you will get through this and come out stronger and better.

I too thought I was stuck and wanted to stay. The “other” also claimed to be bi. When I pressed about it, it was another lie. Really wanted to be taken care of by a man. Lots of transporn as well that I had no idea about.

Please seek out a therapist or confide in a friend. If you need one, please PM me. I’ll be glad to talk. I know your hurt and feel your pain. You are not alone.

Take care of yourself and be well.

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