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March 28, 2023 3:58 pm  #1

Gay teacher from childhood

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March 28, 2023 9:02 pm  #2

Re: Gay teacher from childhood

Hi Bird,

The description of the teacher resonates with me as similar to my ex.  So it's nice for me to read your post because it validates my experience, I sometimes wonder why I thought I was in love with him - how did that ever happen, and for so long - and then I read your post and I think oh that's right he did attract girls.

He had a good-looking body, he paid attention to me and then he played me because you know, definitely gay, already sleeping with men.  When after a few years it didn't feel right and I wasn't getting anywhere with him I simply left and he came whining after me, he missed me, he loved me, but you know what, turned out he was still sleeping with men.  When I returned it was curiously flat.  I should have run a mile in retrospect.

So my observation is this.  My story is common.  The question we are left with is why did we partner up with a gay man, were we really so completely fooled or was there an element where we were attracted to gay men.

Our story is common both ways.  The straight men must be wondering the same of themselves.  

I take comfort in numbers.  It's not some quirk in myself, it's the norm and it seems to me that the lesbians help themselves to the most attractive good quality husband material in the dating pool.  And the gays do the same with the straight women.  My theory is this happens because they are not hampered by the actual feeling of sexual attraction so can come straight up to you and chat you up.

I think this has been going on generation after generation after generation. 

And I think the whole history of domestic violence is perhaps little understood.  But it's happened.  Is it so surprising women look for men who they feel won't threaten them with violence?  Mainly though, I thought he was romantically interested in me but it turns out all he did was hang onto me with literally no regard for my welfare, no care at all for me, just cared about what I could do for him.

and all the way through, in everybody's eyes, he's Mr Nice Guy.  Fine, but don't expect him to actually care about you.


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