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March 5, 2023 9:02 pm  #1

Finally I don’t feel so alone

Like many in this forum I had NO IDEA this was coming. We have been together since high school. He was only the second boy I had ever dated and the only man that I ever gave myself too. We Learned how to be a couple, a unit, parents together…getting through grief and loss when his parents divorced and when my Father died.

He threw a nuclear bomb at me a week before Christmas. He had been lonely and drinking and decided that why the hell shouldn’t he try a sex with a man. I was floored. I wanted to rage at him but what do I do, I continue to hold my head up and pretend that everything is fine. I go through Christmas just doing the motions, not enjoying it and honestly not sure if I ever will again. He leaves to seek alcohol abuse treatment and figure himself out… worse yet as he puts it “get right”.

He is gone for less than 3 months and already has replaced me, with a gay lover. No respect has been given to me or to his children, as they don’t even know any of this yet. He doesn’t care who’s life he wrecks as long as he’s happy. Narcissism is truly a thing. One that I doubt he will ever realize until he has alienated anyone who ever cared about him.

I now have to navigate a new world of WTF and I can’t even tell his truth. I’m going by the name Resilient because that is what I am. I know that I will get through this…not over it…but through it.

I am thankful from reading other stories that there is light at the end of this.


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