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July 26, 2022 8:31 am  #11

Re: Do I even ask/confront?

They use code words like that about the platinum hair.. I've even had mine ask his sponsee do you want to play wrestling video games but only plays gun and army type games never once played wrestling.. another one is do u want to go to Walmart...ur going to Walmart every week with another man lol.. could be code... why is he talking to him? I wouldn't say u snooped on his phone.. message the guy ask him.
Phoenix is right.. though we try to not listen to our instincts..i started snooping 4 same reason.. thought he was talking to other women and was but that turned into men.. men r easier perse.. less drama.. they won't tell.. they don't need to take them to eat etc.. he's def getting validation and not from u..i would suggest therapy 4 both of u

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