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May 17, 2020 8:11 pm  #11

Re: When bisexuality becomes a threat and questions to ask

Abby wrote:

I wouldn't go so far as TwistinginTheWind has but I do have serious concerns for the wife. It sounds to me as if she is being encouraged to avoid friendships with both sexes because, being bi, she might end up being sexually attracted to a woman or a man and thus jeopardize their marriage. (As I recall he led her to the realization that she is "bi" which to me was a previous red flag.)

Expecting her to avoid contacts with both sexes lest she become sexually attracted to someone other than him makes this is not a marriage of equals but one in which she is isolated and controlled by him. I hope that she has family that she can maintain regular contact with and who are not seen by him as a
threat - and that she can be comfortable confiding in them what is going on in her life. The dynamics here may be unhealthy.

First, I appreciate you not immediately judging me so harshly as that twisted person. Second, I never said anything about avoiding contacts. My wife has male friends and female friends. So do I. This is about understanding the relationships better and herself, not cutting people out.

"(As I recall he led her to the realization that she is "bi" which to me was a previous red flag.)"

A red flag to indicate what?

I love my wife and she loves me. We are both committed to staying together and being monogamous. My wife is fun, happy, educated, self-made, and awesome. I would call this healthy.


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