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December 9, 2019 3:38 pm  #11

Re: Is she straight, bi, or gay?

RickE. wrote:

About 2 years ago we discussed watching adult movies together in order to spice up our sex life. We watched many different types of adult movies and discovered that my wife REALLY enjoys and prefers girl on girl movies. She is from a very religious background and has issues, supposedly, with all things gay and bi.
She denies that she's gay or bi and says she just enjoys watching the girl on girl movies. She'll masturbate while watching them, and if I don't intervene by sort of taking over, until she cums.

I had a somewhat similar experience. Things were cold in the bedroom and we both agreed to try to spice things up with watching some adult movies. My wife had one stipulation, however, the movies could only be all-girl. Hey, "that's pretty cool" I thought at the time.

What I observed was that she became very aroused when watching these movies. Her physical arousal response was much more pronounced than I had ever experienced when the two of us had conventional sex. She REALLY got into things! When I asked about this she denied it and said it was just a fun fantasy to imagine.

Over time, however, it came to be that she needed that visual stimulation to achieve orgasm. Just foreplay or conventional sex didn't do it for her anymore. I would have to have a lesbian video playing in the background in order for her to climax.

When we talked about fantasies I noticed that all of her fantasies involved other women. I eventually asked her about that and then she tried to introduce some fantasies involving strange men but it didn't seem to have the same effect on her.

I asked her and she vehemently denied any notion of being bi-sexual let alone a lesbian. She said it is all just a fun fantasy for her that she would never consider pursing in real life. I pointed out that her body's reaction to it was so profound that it was something that she really couldn't deny even if intellectually she didn't agree. The body can't lie but the mouth can. She continues to deny it to this day. She also says that there is some sort of huge void in her life but she can't quite articulate precisely what that is. Whatever that void is, it is standing in the way between her and happiness.


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December 11, 2019 2:51 pm  #12

Re: Is she straight, bi, or gay?

Hello Davin, thanks for your reply. With my wife, it all started watching an adult Showtime movie, wherein she watched a scene of 2 ladies scissoring and sucking on each other's breasts. She became very aroused and visibly as well, she couldn't hide it.
Finally she admitted that the scenes really aroused her.
But she insists that she's not bi or gay, all the time knowing that she gets extremely turned on watching girls go at it.
She never asks to watch an adult movie with men in them.

Once while we were watching a particularly significantly arousing girl on girl movie, she actually came just watching it! No stimulation was being done, no touching by either one of us. And she couldn't hide the pleasure at all, she simply just came HARD.

To me this indicates that at the least, my wife is bi. Her denying that she is is absurd and insulting to me. This makes me feel insecure and confused at times.
She hasn't expressed any desire to try out a woman, does not want a threesome. But she wants to watch lesbian porn now every time we make love. Sometimes I actually do not know what to think.

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December 14, 2019 2:22 pm  #13

Re: Is she straight, bi, or gay?

Hi Rick,

you know what, it's such a difference it is such a strong feeling difference between straight and lesbian women.  Just recently I was sitting at a table and chat chat chat was going and it was mainly women and the topic was recent holidays and it became apparent they were talking about a holiday just the girls and one of them went to include me in the conversation and I could hear the subtext (no wait, oh right she's one of them) and then I look to my side and there is the husband of one of these lesbians and I can sense that he is hurting and then I realise so am I and it's like the two of us are cowed by the women and sitting together on a lower level.

They're just the way they are.  Like their parents before them they hide their SSA. 



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