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October 9, 2019 9:52 am  #11

Re: Trying to Stay SANE - Please read and chime in

Well then maybe it is my ego telling me that he was actually interested in me initially. He goes to his family each weekend and (before I started going with him) he started staying home on Friday nights to hang out with me and then go home on Saturday afternoons. But as soon as the trouble started, of course then he would leave straight from work (and then not return until Monday after work).

But I mean...he just used to be so NICE and accommodating. He would look me in my crying puffy face and tell me I was beautiful, he would tell me not to cook sometimes so we could go out, he'd look forward to coming home to see what I had ready for dinner, etc. 

And as soon as this guy came back around...within a couple days...he turned into a totally different person. I just watched brokeback mountain yesterday, and OMG...hit it on the NAIL! The only difference is, they don't need to build a ranch so they can work together and make it convenient. They already have one (because they all lived a few hours away and the boss got the apt so they could stay when they want). He even told me at one point that we needed to clear my credit so we could buy land 'back home' and that he wanted me close to his family because that's 'home'. I contested that and said I wanted to stay here where he is majority of the time. I didnt want to just see him on the weekends.

But once I was pretty sure of the situation, I asked if we could move and he said no (he was already in angry mode by then, can't do anything to make the situation more comfortable for me).

UGHHHH! I just feel....trapped! And all I really want is for him to just BE NICE to me! Show me some RESPECT! Like...can you RESPECT the fact that I did not walk out on you?? Can you just be happy you found one of very few straight women who would be okay with this and who your family LOVES?? Geez!


October 9, 2019 2:54 pm  #12

Re: Trying to Stay SANE - Please read and chime in

tornandconfused wrote:

.......So I got up, and he laid there and just randomly said "I think I'm gonna cut off my beard". - Think this was a coincidence, or should I be concerned 🤔? He DOES have a beard and usually keeps it pretty bushy, so it could have been coincidence, but now I am wondering....

Personally....I don't think he's thinking "beard" in the same context as a straightspouse would be!

KIA KAHA (STAY STRONG)                       

October 9, 2019 3:04 pm  #13

Re: Trying to Stay SANE - Please read and chime in

I didn't think anything of it either at first. But I also didn't know that beard was a 'thing' until yesterday. So when I replayed the scenario, I wondered. Because he did say it just after complaining about my massage not being adequate. 

Update - He never responded to my email from last night saying 'i don't think you should cut of your beard'. So idk. Hopefully it was just a coincidence. 

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