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September 30, 2018 10:25 am  #1

Crossdressing Husband who says hes straight.

My CdH and I were both previously married to other spouses and divorced many years. We married 2016, and me and my kids moved in with him. On our 1yr anniversary, he tells me he enjoys wearing hose and heels and shows me pics. I was dumbfounded i thought it was a joke of sorts.

A few months later I find shitload of couture shoes and an online account with tons of pics of himself and then people he was following- no holds barred on those folks pages, extreme CD as I call it. I freaked out, and he deleted and purged everything. Said it was no big deal. Then an entire year of no sex or intimacy of any sort. I slept in my sons room who was now away at college for months.

Finally in july 2018 i had enough. I was gonna show HIM what a real sexy woman was. I dressed in his hose, my lingerie and heels, lit candles and woke him up as a surprise. It was going well until he asked to put on my shoes, i obliged....trying to see if i could be okay with it. The next night, he called me into the closet to show me him in hose and MY HEELs. I was mortified with first thought of youre not sexy, and ur stretching out my shoes!!!! Apparently he took my event as me being okay with his CD...and ran with it. Began buying shoes...expensive couture, about 3k in a month online. A few pairs for me too, as if again its okay for me its okay for him.

Several non fun encounters of him dressing, now with full outfit on, he has admitted he has done this since he was a child. He did it with his first wife, who was complacent with it- and allowed him someone to shop with for himself.

Says he doesnt want to meet other CDs, doesnt want men, doesnt want sex with anyone but me. But he dresses while im gone and masturbates, and has zero desire for me. Its painfully obvious he prefers sex with HERself. He is also an alcoholic likely due to supressing this his whole life.

My younger child of 9 had never had a real dad in her life and she adores him. She has no clue of the issue between me and him, happy family home is what she has the image of.

Im on anti depressant med and in therapy. I struggle daily with leave. Stay. Stay for abit to get my shit together. Leave today.

Leaving the house soon for a while, and I know he is holding his breath for time alone to dress up and play. It makes me sick emotionally and so sad. I deserve so much more. We all do.


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