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September 22, 2018 3:32 pm  #61

Re: Hi, I'm new on here and need advice Please

Thats why I am petrified to tell anyone!  My GIDEX boyfriend is a very upscale lawyer.  I don't even know how to understand which country would have jurisdiction either.  I am Canadian I was living on an island when I met him he then moved to Hong Kong (he is australian) we continued to date long distance until I couldn't handle being apart so I moved to Hong Kong which only lasted 2 months before I discovered his secret life.  I wish I could tell everyone he was screwing transvestite hookers and paying them!  However I am scared to tell people because he will find out.


September 22, 2018 3:58 pm  #62

Re: Hi, I'm new on here and need advice Please

Duped: Campus court.  Not civil proceedings.


September 22, 2018 4:22 pm  #63

Re: Hi, I'm new on here and need advice Please

Even so, it’s bonkers. What happens to your freedom of speech?


September 22, 2018 4:48 pm  #64

Re: Hi, I'm new on here and need advice Please

Yikes , sorry OOHC.  And thanks everyone for the laughs and thoughts, still thinking it through. 
It may just be that my story stayes on here and possibly helps those who’ve found it. 

Speaking of which, welcome ignorance was bliss.  I’m sorry to hear that you uprooted your life for your ex, but it sounds like you might have dodged a bullet,  by finding out so fast.  Did you have a lot of years with him before moving to HK?  Have kids?  Hopefully he didn’t give you an std (hopefully you have been tested).  Something motivated you to sign up for this site.  Are you just now back in Canada and rebuilding your life?

I get the anger and desire to tell.  If u jest need to vent, this is a good place for it.  Heaven knows that I have had diarrhea of the mouth for the last month.  (Thank you to those who’ve been putting up with me, I’m getting it out of my system, slowly ).  At any rate, welcome.

Duped, I ditto your comment.  One thing that has been on my mind with writing my story, is that I don’t want to poke a bees nest.  I have not spoken to or seen my XH in 2.5 years, why possibly change a good thing, lol.

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