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March 28, 2021 3:33 pm  #11

Re: The Big List of Red Flags

yes, thanks Sam that's really good  - a first aid thread written by the posters is an excellent resource.

I don't think it's the place to add links.  It's the first aid kit - readily accessible in the immediacy of the moment when the shock is happening, giving reassurance from the personal touch. 

I don't think Minwalla's article should be in the first aid kit.  I don't think it should be in a separate thread for links either.  I think it deserves an individual pinned position - for the reasons expressed by Oliviap just above.  

a prioritised position because it speaks to the core of the situation.  It's so helpful for any of us that want to read it.

so that is my thoughts on the subject - I make a case for pinning it.  I am wondering what the objections might be - I am not understanding your reluctance to pin it.

But I really can appreciate there might be reasons not to do it and would be grateful if you could tell me.


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March 28, 2021 5:17 pm  #12

Re: The Big List of Red Flags

No particular objections, just being sparing about pinning new topics. 


March 28, 2021 10:09 pm  #13

Re: The Big List of Red Flags

ah, that makes sense, I did wonder if it was that.  Yes, you don't want a whole list of pinned topics.  

This is such a unique article though, I can't see that it is likely to act as an open door for more pinned posts.  and maybe you can make room for it by unpinning Kel's post about amazing changes which seems to be about something in particular that was happening then, rather than being of enduring relevance to new posters.

sorry Sam, I know I'm being a bit pushy and I promise I won't ask again - but I do think this site is such a lifesaver and the pinned topics work really well at keeping the necessary information up front.

thanks, Lily


March 29, 2021 1:58 pm  #14

Re: The Big List of Red Flags

This is interesting. I’ve never attempted to prove that my spouse is anything LGBTQ. I’ve always suspected he was bi and then he eventually told me he now identifies as bi (in the last few years). I guess it just wasn’t concerning to me, nor did I figure it was my place to attempt to label him even though we discussed it periodically for decades. I guess I can see why people may attempt to label especially if they think their significant other is doing sneaky stuff. I never suspected that. 



March 30, 2021 4:29 pm  #15

Re: The Big List of Red Flags

Thank you so much, Sam!

The First Aid Kit updates look amazing. Very grateful – thank you!

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