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April 12, 2023 1:48 pm  #11

Re: Less than 2 weeks!

HealingHeart wrote:

....... He wants us to stay together and presumes we will......

Yes...he will presume. He'll presume a lot because he has 25 years of you not knowing how he really feels about himself so now it's you who has to play catch-up to get your head, heart and emotions around this Mindfuck that the man you married has dropped in your lap.

You say you're a bit mad? Hold on to that, it'll come in handy. Anger about something that's been done to you is a good tool to help navigate your way through this. You don't have to use anger to be mean, you should learn how to use it to strengthen your resolve to not be the woman who lets her husband shape her life.

Learn to say no when he asks you something you hesitate to do. The more you let him know your boundaries the easier it becomes to see yourself as an individual

Love can often lead you down a path where you become lost and confused. The Forum will be here to help but you need to talk to people in your caring circle of friends and family because you shouldn't do this alone



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