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September 20, 2022 2:19 pm  #1

Another one bites the dust

This is just another story. One of many.

Girl raised in a very conservative and religious environment.

She has Same Sex Attraction (SSA) and feelings from a young age but is not able to identify them because she is raised not to consider them appropiate.

Uncapable of having any proper relationship, until one day a man shows up full of love and wowes her. Finally her charming prince showed up and that sure will make her feel complete.
And they marry, with a fairytale wedding, and they have kids.

But she is not happy. Maybe prince charming was not as charming? Maybe she was too perfectionist?

And the anxiety comes. And the depression. And the pills. And the alcohol...

And one day something happens, a relative dies, or she loses her job... something big enough that shocks the pillars of her world... and the truth comes out like flaming lava out of a volcano.

And she needs out.

But her current life is so wonderful! Who wants to break away from all you have?
And then she spirals out of control... suicide thoughts, irrational behavior...

And her husband finds himself caught in a mindfuck he didn't see coming. He never had anxiety or depression and here he is experiencing them for the first time.
How didn't I see this? What have I done to deserve this? Was it all a lie, a farce?

And he learns about Mixed Orientation Marriage (MOM), and asks her to try it out. And they go to therapy.
And she goes and she tryes the MOM... not because she wants to but because she doesn't want to dissapoint him leaving him without giving the MOM a chance.

But she wants out. She needs out.

And time passes and things get worse. And he feels that going any longer poses the risk of developing feelings of hate and resentful.
They have kids. No one has done anything wrong. This happened. They must think about the kids. Someone has to.

And with all his open wound heart, he takes the step and arranges the logistics for divorce.
And they sell their house and split their assets. And with whatever is left, each of them get a small appartment where kids will live 2 weeks out of every month.

And just like that, a wonderful family is broken, a fairytale couple is dissolved and his self confidence is destroyed so that she can start a new life


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