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March 2, 2022 4:46 pm  #1

The Journey... (to be completed)

I won't identify myself here, but feel the need to chronicle this journey from start to finish for others.

"When you know, you know, don't ever doubt your intuition..."
When I suspected this it was was super early, but I knew the signs. See I've been with self-proclaimed bi people. There's always subtle hints they drop. One of the major ones is your body language, the second sex life...

"Micro expressions, learn them and love them because every photo you ever take will explain everything then..."
You know what real happiness looks like after a quick google search on this. You might even go as far as to study it if you feel a new profession is in order. Once I took a look at every photo we've taken, it was beyond apparent. She was with me, not in love with me. This includes... the wedding photos. Now I truly know why she was crying...

"It's not the 17th century anymore, sex isn't vanilla..."
Well when she didn't orgasm due to penetration, but orgasms on every oral... there's a huge red flag.


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