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August 18, 2021 7:31 pm  #11

Re: Glad I'm straight. There's no confusion

Thanks for the replies everyone
Rob....unlike you....I understand the use of "bisexual" by men who use it...as a choice in their dishonest confusion about who they are. Hate what the use of it has done to my life but I'm trying to move away from it to concentrate on where I'm going. I have so much to talk about with my son but I want to do it f2f and NZ has just gone into a stay-at-home order after a Covid/Delta scare so Facetime will have to suffice

Rekamc.....you're right, there should be no shame. I feel like I have to choose my words carefully with my son (and his girlfriend who chose to talk to me because her own mother is deceased), while being totally honest about all they can expect. 

Julian....yip, my partner grew up with a strict catholic mother. I grew up being taught about choices/consequences

Daryl....thank you, I love being a mother

Soap....aw yes I know. This is my son's first heartbreak and it'll hurt more because of the possible added confusion of his sexuality. I just want to wave a wand and swish! he understands it all


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