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January 9, 2020 11:19 am  #1

My story; 1 month after D day

My husband and I met online almost 16 years ago. We were both virgins, living with our parents as young adults. We have been married 14 years.

We talked, a little a few years ago, about maybe swinging or something- both of us experience SSA to a degree, him more than me. But you know, life and kids. We were busy and happy.

One day in December I was looking on the computer for pictures for a grandparent gift, and cake across an explicit convo with another man. I was devastated, confronted him. He’s not met anyone in person yet just trying to make friends in the gay community and “things escalated quickly”.  He says I’m his best friend. He loves our kids and our life, but wants a romantic relationship with a man.

In the month since, we’ve talked a lot. We may try an open  marriage. Eventually we will probably separate but neither of us see a need for a rush to action. Our kids are 10, 8, and 6. We listened to Josh and Lolly Weed’s story and feel there’s hope for us to find a way forward that’s amicable and happy. There’s still grief and a lot of sadness. But one day at a time.


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