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August 10, 2018 12:54 pm  #1

Help Escape; But Love Him

Hello, Me = 42 yrs old.  I have been married 11 years to my husband who is now a transgender female. I love him, but I am saving to divorce. He is not always a nice guy. He threatens to kill himself if I he thinks I don't accept him. If I don't tell him he looks "great" after he has asked 2 to 3 times before he leaves for work. If he is stressed he takes it out on me and scares me and screams in my face and his fist will come at inches before my face before stopping. It is emotional abuse. He will be "bad." But then he is really sorry and sweet to me. He tells me that he can't imagine life without me because I have accepted him living everyday life as a woman. He goes to the office in beautiful dresses everyday. We have no children. But he has a son from a previous marriage. My family knows and accepts it to a certain degree. But in general when we go to visit my family they have asked my husband to come as a man. When his son visits he looks male the whole weekend. He lives two lives which is likely hell. But despite my love, I will escape. I just can't be crushed by his troubled "issues." I want my own life. It is always about him.


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