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Our Stories » 29 years of marriage a life time of shared experiences » May 11, 2021 10:33 am

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Hello everyone.

I have known my husband since I was 7 years old. We sorta grew up together and then later attended High School together. We eventually began seriously dating at 21 and married at 24. We have been married for 29 years almost 30. We have 3 adult children. 

I have always I some way suspected my husband was gay or seriously metro sexual. He has always cared about his appearance and his style and taste is more on the feminine side (if you can still say that) we used to call him "Just Jack" because he loves to decorate the house. He is definitely not an outdoors kinda of man. 

We were in a monogamous marriage until the age of 40 when we dabbled in a bit of swinging. This involved mostly if not all just men coming into our bed. That is when I began to suspect in Ernest that he was gay. His reaction brought out a aversion in me. So I cut all of that off and said that if he wanted to pursue that he would have to do that without me and that we would split up. He assured me up and down that he did not like that at all that he was doing it for me (SMDH). So I said been there done that don't want to do it again. 

A few months after he brooches the subject once more may be can try again. I turned it down, he would bring it up periodically and I would become suspicious again. I got so tired of saying no that One time I relented to the idea of maybe. He said that he could find someone and had found a couple. A married couple who's husband was also bisexual (because that was what he was identifying as) and that we could go from there. Again I mostly said yes to shut him up, I had no intention of actually going through with it and it went nowhere because I did not give it another thought. After a few months I needed a new car and he said he had found a barely used car that I had wanted but he would have to drive 2 hours north to get it. I was happy because I was getting a new car. So he drove up In the morning and bought the car and drove home later that evenin

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