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Mon Jul 3 5:14 am  #21

Re: Manage same sex desire and not cheat

Losing these fake husbands and wives and ending their sick game is an enormous leap forward. You're going to end up out of the marriage. Don't delay the pain. I can't stress that enough after staying with mine for 46 years. Don't make my mistake. I stayed and stayed and stayed spinning up junk in my own mind and ended up in a much worse place for it. You can't live with a man who desires other men laying right next to YOU every night. It's bizarre and unrealistic to think that could EVER work out.


Mon Jul 3 5:19 am  #22

Re: Manage same sex desire and not cheat

The wild excuses some of these men have when caught is just laughable. 

F'inglies - He didn't have time to "explore" because you married young? OMG. Ridiculous!  Straight males don't "explore" sex with other males. One thing they all seem to have in common when caught. They come back with some of the most ridiculous excuses for not considering their straight spouse. 

Mine never said that. He just called me crazy when I caught him. At 66 he had decades of spinning up outrageous excuses. He lies like I breathe and he does it very well.


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