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Tue Jan 23 2:26 pm  #21

Re: Making it work.....monagamously

Brassyhub wrote:


Hub. With the creation of the MOM section...I feel there's now an uneasiness with the rest of the site because of the different way we're tackling our r'ships &  issues. I commented on the main boards and was basically told I shouldn't be. I've been very careful not to post there, and my comment, on the way another post had been phrased.....wasn't  about the topic as such...rather the words, and the emotion behind them...used in the post. 

It was a mistake to venture in there and I'll try to not repeat it. 
I will be more circumspect about where, what, who to and what I reply to

Yes....I realise few MOMs work, and that the odds are stacked. But I see it all, everything I'm going through, revelations about how I feel about myself, and my partner, as individuals, the new steps I'm taking, my resolve
that gets stronger....I see it all as personal growth....

The fact all this could end as just a statistic,
another r'ship failure....won't be because I
went through it blindfolded and unaware


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Wed Feb 14 12:40 pm  #22

Re: Making it work.....monagamously

Last night he said he just wants me to "be happy". I said "how can I be
happy after yr email telling me you have a desire to be fucked by a man?"
He said "I wish I hadn't told you anything, and I won't tell you anything again"

Ironically...he told me this on Valentine's Day ( which he thinks is a silly  celebration)

I was trying to fit all the broken pieces back together, and all this time he's been trampling them into even smaller make his life easier

I can't do this anymore.
And I don't belong on this particular board either

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