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Mon Oct 9 2:31 pm  #21

Re: Are some people just broken?

Majenco (and all),
Your poem is amazing.  I can really relate to your words.  I have decided to try to figure out who I am now.  There are lots of parameters there for me, but they are my choice.  I also agree with others on this thread who think it just takes time.  When I think I've made some progress and I'm feeling some better, maybe feeling a glimpse of myself, it's just then that my STBX will attack again.  I think I'm getting stronger.  It's been 7 months since he moved out (12 months since confronting him) after 18 years of marriage and 5 kids.  I guess it's ok that it's taking me a long time to put myself back together.  I'm finding it especially hard to let go of his accusations and implications that this is my fault.  But there are some friends and family that have to go by the wayside if they believe him.  Very lonely and very tired. 


Mon Oct 9 4:46 pm  #22

Re: Are some people just broken?

Oh Tam I hear you.  Tired and sad.  I can so relate.  I think it’s amazing the progress you’re making.  After a year and seven months you are still in the early stages.  It sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

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