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Wed Oct 4 5:00 pm  #1

Fighting with my GID bf/ fiancee what a joke

Why cant this shit just end amicably? So once again i discovered things all denied. Apparently this cant end without someone going to jail, becoming homeless, big huge fight going down for sticking up for myself.


Wed Oct 4 5:13 pm  #2

Re: Fighting with my GID bf/ fiancee what a joke

They've become professional liars - after all, if you can lie to yourSELF successfully, then what's to stop you from lying to everyone else, too?  It's second nature at this point.  They've literally spent their lives lying about this - they don't have any idea how to come clean.  That's not an excuse - there IS no excuse for what they've done.  But it's the reality of the situation.

At this point, don't expect him to stick up for you.  If he were concerned with you, he would have not being doing this shit behind your back - because he'd have cared for you too much.  You're your own advocate now.  He doesn't have to agree with a thing you say - it's still your reality.  You still get to have feelings - even if he doesn't see them as justified.


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