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Sun Aug 20 4:36 pm  #1

Bi or Gay

Hello, Wow were does a person begin! Well when we met we both were very open to experimenting sexually together, we had a threesome with a women and it was fun and never thought about after, I felt no jealousy at all. I am not bi or les.Then came the threesome with a man, I was terrified. I put it off for 4 years until I gave in!! OMG well this turned into a nightmare, turns out my husband cant get enough of men and since admitted to his past encounters with men previous to us meeting. I married him not knowing his true need for a mans touch! He has had an affair with a man and now I am dealing with a man begging me to forgive him and work out our marriage, I have recently had it confirmed that his eldest son is gay. Are males born this way?? how do I know if my husband is gay or bi???  


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