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Tue Jul 4 10:47 pm  #1

The Power of the Internet

I took the giant step of going to see a counselor, then asked my man if he would try couple counsel...which 
he was okay with. When I felt I needed more support...and not from a professional $$$!!!.....I tried to find a 
support group, stumbling upon SSN   
Now, today, on my Facebook....I have, in the "people you may know" section, a woman I don't know but whose 
FB profile has SSN articles, quotes etc through it. Kinda creepy/sneaky/what!  and yes I do know how the internet 
links people by the sites  they use & click!!!
Funnily enough I did happen to spot this.....which struck a chord in the confusion that is my heart atm, so maybe 
this linking-up of strangers across the sea...isn't as unnerving afterall 

"" Living with your partner after they have come out as gay can feel like a slow, agonising death. The stench of their deception suffocates you until you can hardly breathe. You are trying to "manage" a situation that is seemingly unmanageable, chaotic, tortuous... and the effort required to do this exhausts you to the point that the essentials of daily life often get the short straw.Often it involves staying shoved in a closet that is sucking the life right out of you, yet you feel the need to "keep up appearances" because he or she want to stay in there, and have you in there, too, but "no one is allowed to know" that this is what your life has been reduced to.How can you breathe when the air in the closet is so stale and musty? How can you see the light of hope when the door is firmly shut? How can you go about your daily responsibilities when every ounce of energy is being put into surviving this?How can you look after yourself during this confusing upheaval, when your whole world has been turned upside down and inside out?It is essential to find ways of nurturing your own soul, of caring for your own needs, of making choices that are right for *you*!This might look like joining a support group, getting therapy, confiding in a trusting friend or family member, getting a massage, going for a walk, lighting a candle, listening to music, drawing, journalling, cuddling with your kids or a pet...... Whatever it looks like for you, it is so important that you do it.Your life depends on it. 
And you matter.Whether you stay in the closet is up to you. 
But please - look after yourself in there! ""


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