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Tue Apr 18 7:57 am  #1

Who'd a thunk it

Hi, I'm Carl and I'm married to a Lesbian.  Like everyone else here, I never planned this. According to her, she didn't either.

When we got married We were both in our 30s. She had kids from her last marriage that became my own. We had clicked instantly and the next 7 years were amazing both emotionally and sexually. We communicated everything. She had always been an ally to the gay community and supported transgender because she thought it was the toughest road.  Maybe that should have been a clue...

For me, it has been a long road to get to the SSN.  She 1st had an inkling in 2012 when she had her WTF event in being attracted to a subordinate of hers. Everything we had, sex, communication trust became strained. After a couple months, She decided she wasn't lesbian and wanted to stay married.  We reaffirmed our vows and took a job opportunity (mine) halfway across the country to start over. We were going fine until late 2016 when she went from straight to asexual to bisexual to lesbian in a month. She wanted (and still does) to stay married.I was willing to work with her and support her while she sorted this out.  Last week I was blind-sided (but really shouldn't have been) when she announced she had a lover.  She wanted to keep that world separate from home and kids but suggested I go find a lover too like it was normal. She's trying to selectively hide her status, having told a few folks, her mom, sister and our oldest son but not the younger ones.

So now I set here with my own dilemma of deciding what's best for me, the kids and in general, us.  She's still my best friend and confidante.

I know the right course will become apparent when the moment is right.

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