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Sat Dec 24 2:34 pm  #1

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is always an emotional time but we can make it a happy occasion in our new lives by taking the time to count our blessings and appreciate/recognize the parts that are better now.

As for myself, this is the first year I finally bought gifts and wrapped them myself instead of letting someone else "do it properly" and listen to her complain about how she's a martyr for it. I'll be visiting friends and family instead of being stuck in the house doing things with just the nuclear family to avoid the complaining. 

I'll be spending the 26th with my kids and parents; we'll be eating chinese food, I'll be laughing at them trying to undo all the duct tape I used to wrap their presents. This is going to be the best one EVAH!!!!!

Please share your plans to help encourage anyone going through a hard time this year.


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