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Fri Oct 7 4:49 pm  #1


I might as well post about myself if I'm going to be on this forum and while I can still say I'm 36 yrs old LOL.

So I'm 36 with 2 young kids we have been common law for 18 years.  In Feb 2016 I came home and flipped open the laptop to see a site for gay men.  He reached over and shut the page down before I could read anything.  I said nothing but immediately I knew it was true it just explained so much.  That evening neither of us slept I was hoping to get access to his phone but it never happened. 

Next day I straight out said if your gay you need to tell me and I reassured him I wasn't leaving with the kids.  His response was so measured and rehearsed I knew it was true.  He denied it of course.  That afternoon he got hammered which is rare then that night he said all sorts of strange things one thing was that he was so glad I accepted him.

Since then he still denies it but likes for us to watch bi porn and we went to a male stripper that was hard for me. 

I've decided to try to make it work in a MOM because he's incredibly caring towards me loves me immensely and the kids adore him too.  I genuinely want to be around him.  I know he is struggling with this SSA and may or may not want to act on it.  I've made it very clear that if so it needs to be discussed first that cheating will not be tolerated.

About me...I'm very independent strong willed, I have a short temper (this is where those who know me here finally agree with me) and I think I'm funny.

I live in Ontario Canada.



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