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Thu Sep 15 9:51 am  #1

Transgender Husband where does it leave me?

Hello here is my story maybe you can relate to it:

8 month ago a week after my 50th birthday my "husband" told me he will transition in to women. Bummer I did not see that coming, I may have thought he is gay or I did something but this one was a good one. The first day I cried my eyes out and did not know what the heck just hit me. After that I had a hard time functioning, sleeping but I went to work every day did the best I could, did not show what is going on with me. Then I opened up to a college and she said see a counselor which our company provides for free. Which was nice. So I made an appointment and ask my husband to join me for the first session. I needed to know if that was all a joke or if that is real what just happening to me. Well we went and he opened up what’s going on and for how long. Seems like he has seen already a counselor prior to talking to me and this is been going on since he was a child. Well the counselor told me not to rush in any decision and to find myself first. 5 month later I decided to move in a different area of our house we own together and see what happens and life as roommates for now till I have mate my mind up after 20 years been together and married what I wanted to do. My kids are in their 30th and did not understand what’s happening here and still having a hard time with it. Now 8 month later after experiencing the selfishness and moodiness of a transgender who only cares about him/her but not the spouse he/she married I decided to move on. I have been supportive and motivating towards him/her so she/he can be happy for over 8 month with nothing in return. No compassion or support for me to deal with the situation. He is a very angry and moody person everything and that was always the situation has to be about him/her satisfaction and happiness, the rest of the family including me can suffer and be unhappy the more happier he/she is when that happens. Which ended up in a situation that it is only all about him/her nobody else is important…One evening we said down at dinner and I said “do you know what I hate most on this situation” he/she “no”. “I hate that you took 20 years of my life knowingly that there is something wrong with you. Instead of saying I cannot be in a relationship till I figured myself out. You pushed me in that marriage. You where the driving par not me. I could have gone with my life in a different direction.” I did not want to get married. He/she talked me in to it. Well and I was so inexperienced and married him/her. Well couple weeks ago he/she pushed me over the limit with buying 10 bras not even knowing how big his/her breast are gone be. When he/she did a fashion show in front of me I had enough and was so disgusted. I had to do something. Well I moved out a couple days ago and today I am filing my divorce paper. I am free finally. I made my decision. I got to the point I can move on now too. Lucky me I have a new men in my life who seen on hand what I have experienced over the last 8 month and who is very supportive. I have my kids and grand kids which are wonderful and my company which is supporting me as well morally. I am gone enjoy the rest of my life now. And yes there will be here and there some hardship during the divorce. But that will subside as well at some point. He stole 20 years of my life, which I never gone get back but I will be dammed if he takes the rest of my life do. Last week they announced his/her new name at his company he will go by now. Legally his/her name has not changed yet. Funny is tomorrow is his/her birthday, he is on a trip coming back in a week when he found out I am gone. So he will experience what he/she did to me 8 month ago a week after my birthday. Maybe when he suffers as I did that moment knowing I am gone he will realize how much he/she hurt people when he is hurting. Or may not. Bottom line he/she will be all alone with no support from anybody and has to fight her fight to be a women and happy by her self now. Unfortunately on top of this she is not that pretty as a female and very inexperienced what it is to be a women. She only likes to dress up and the make up and thinks that all what it is to be a women.  Well on the end she is gone be an old sad and lonely women. But she has chosen that life.  Now  she better is living it with all the consequences which come with it. They may some hardship for me down the road financially during the divorce but it is what it is. Just take it one day at the time. And I am gone be just fine.


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