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October 9, 2018 5:40 pm  #281

Re: How do I survive this?

    Ask yourself why it is that to him "being a woman" is all about sex.  It has nothing to do with wanting to "be a woman."  It's a sexual paraphilia called autogynephilia, in which a man is sexually attracted to the idea of himself as a woman.  With these types it's never about the real work or reality of being a woman.   That's why you're all tied up in "I'm not a lesbian" and "I could peg him" or "I don't want a strap on."   Because he has defined the ground as a sexual one.  It's got nothing to do with actually existing women.
   I'm here to tell you that this kind of sexual demand, should you go along with it, is going to kill your spirit.  It sure did mine.  And eight months after moving out on my own I am STILL trying to heal from the blow his sexual demands and practices inflicted on me.  Trust me, it's not going to stop at strap ons.  It's going to morph into "I hate male sexuality and so you must not ask me to use my penis, and even though you want that it's a violation of who I am so you have to forego and remake your sexuality to match what I want." 
    Please believe me and others when we say that this only escalates, because it's like an addiction to them.  And what he says today--that he'd like to transition in three years after having children--is not going to be what he says in a month.  Plus, why on earth would you even contemplate bringing a child into a relationship with a person with this disorder!?!?  
    If I may channel Kel, "run like your hair's on fire."   And like Lynne says, no, you shouldn't "support him."  And stop reading whatever you're reading that tells you to ignore your own feelings and all the warning signs.  


October 10, 2018 7:12 am  #282

Re: How do I survive this?

So sorry you find yourself here Elizabeth.

I was in your position a couple of years ago. Believe me there will be more to this and it will escalate. These autogynephiles generally have ermm interesting sexual needs (forced feminisation, humiliation, validation by men - even though they protessssstttt they aren’t gay). They are usually also exhibitionists and if anything like mine will be plastered all over trans dating and porn sites looking for admiration from other trannys. Usually they are fantastic liars too, maybe just dig a little.

You know why he wants strap on play? Because when you’re doing it he will be fantasising that he’s dressed up and that you are a man or a transexual. I promise you that.

How does he even know he likes anal? Well because he does it alone at home with dildos.

But my advice? Get out now.

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