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February 11, 2018 4:30 pm  #11

Re: SAHD devastated contemplating future

Ditto what Rob said.  Rob, you are heroic.

Brett, your wife is many steps ahead of you. She wants what she wants.  Be wise.  I know you don't want legal advice so I won't tell you again to talk to three lawyers. I will now tell you to go talk to five lawyers. This is not lawyering up. This is research. There are legal options that don't involve divorce. You could get a post-nuptial agreement and stay married. You are financially dependent on your wife. Your kids are dependent on you.


February 11, 2018 5:00 pm  #12

Re: SAHD devastated contemplating future

Sorry you find yourself here, but glad you have found us, I live in the same state as you do, and I know for a fact that all fathers do NOT get screwed over, knowledge is power. Trust us when we tell you she’s WAY ahead of you. Let’s say she decided she had strong feeling for a male coworker, and she just HAD to explore them, would you be so quick to give your blessing? I doubt it. She’s not only changed the rules of the game, she’s playing an entirely different game! And so it goes. She’s got her cake with extra frosting, and you are scrounging around hoping to catch a falling crumb. I know you’re hurting, horrible, gut wrenching pain, but get mad, and protect yourself and your kids. And head on over to
Keep posting, we’re here.


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